JetPeel provides a rosy complexion for a special night out.

We pamper you with the ultimate freshness kick for your skin for a special occasion. The Jetpeel treatment gives a rosy complexion. The innovative skin rejuvenation system JetPeel® uses a technology from the aerospace industry. JetPeel achieves results that were previously only possible with deep peels, hyaluronic acid injections and other complex procedures – and without pain or side effects. At 200 m / s (720 h / km), a mixture of water and gas hits the skin from microscopically small nozzles and gently removes dead horn cells. The skin is massaged and deep-cleaned, while the cooling effect stimulates blood circulation.


A pampering treatment in a relaxed atmosphere.

CHF 250.- incl. vitamin serums
JetPeel brings highly effective substances such as hyaluronic acid, organic peptides and vitamins into the skin and gives you the perfect glamor look for your special night out …