Treating Spider Veins

ca. 20-30 min
What to expect after:
Slight redness of treated areas, avoidance of sun, sun beds and saunas for 2-3 weeks
Time off work:
Immediately visible. New spider veins may form after a while.

Treating spider veins with the ND:YAG Laser

Virtually a third of all women suffer from cosmetically disturbing spider veins. The main cause is mostly genetic. At Vistaline, these vessels can now be removed with a laser of the latest generation, the Nd:Yag laser from Lutronic.

How does it work?

Lasers bring light of a particular wavelength into the skin. Each individual wavelength is absorbed by different target structures in the skin or under the skin (blood, pigment, water), thus making selective treatment possible. The Nd:Yag laser operates at 1064 nm (nanometer), which is ideal for the treatment of spider veins, rosacea or couperose. Immediately after application of the laser light, the blood flow in the treated vessel stops. The treated vessel is gradually degraded over approx. 2 months. A follow-up treatment is only useful after this period. Generally, two to three treatments are necessary.

How effective is the treatment?

The tendency to form varicose veins and/or spider veins is genetically predetermined. Therefore, new veins are likely to form in other skin areas even after a successful laser treatment.