With a series of gylcolic acid peels, dehydrated skin can be refreshed during the autumn and winter months.

Glycolic acids are among the alpha hydroxy acids, short AHA, which are found in fruit and other plants. These acids include glycolic acid. A a glycolic peel prevents pimples, blackheads and milia. By exfoliating the dead skin cells from the uppermost skin layer, your skin’s metabolism and collagen production are stimulated and your skin gets a fresh glow. A glycolic peel makes the skin more receptive for active serum ingredients and will be absorbed deeper into the skin.  For an optimal result you should have a professional chemical peel once a month and use products for home in between, e.g. “Fruit Complex & C” from our medical product line Aesthetico. Beautiful skin is guaranteed!

The only drawback: the detachment of dead skin cells makes the skin more sensitive to light. A high sun protection (SPF 30-50) is therefore mandatory. However, considering that UV radiation accounts for almost 80 percent of skin aging, sunscreen should be a matter of course every day!