Facial Redness/Couperose

30 min
Topical numbing cream
What to expect after:
Localized swelling and redness for a few hours
Time off work:
Generally immediately visible and permanent. However, new veins can form after a a while.

Treatment of facial redness with the QuadroStar- Laser

Visible veins and dilated vessels on the face, spider naevi, couperose and rosacea – these are all harmless but often bothering signs of facial redness which we can successfully treat at Vistaline. Depending on the indication, our practice has different laser systems for the treatment of redness. Before and after the treatment, direct sun exposure must be strictly avoided. 

Which areas can be treated?

Frequently affected areas are the nose, sides of the nose and cheeks, but also neck and décolleté. If you are genetically pre-disposed to dilated vessels, emotional stress can also lead blushing of the cheeks, neck or décolleté. The vessels responsible for this can be closed with three or four low-level laser treatments. Once treated, vessels remain closed, but new dilated vessels may form in other places over time.