Lips: beautifully shaped

30 – 40 min
Topical numbing cream
What to expect after:
Localized swelling for 2-3 days
Time off work:
Lasts approx. 6-12 months

Beautifully shaped lips

Many women desire expressive and full lips. As we get older, the lips lose their former shape and volume through a loss of skin elasticity as well as a decrease of adipose tissue over time. This results in markedly narrower lips, sometimes with small wrinkles above the lip line, the so-called smokers’ lines. The volume loss is often more pronounced on the upper lip. Some women also naturally have very narrow lips. However, narrow lips no longer represent the current beauty ideal.

Our philosophy

Moderate injections of hyaluronic acid individually tailored to your features are the key to a natural lip augmentation. Dipl. med. I. Rosenberg at Vistaline in Winterthur takes great pride in bringing out the natural beauty of your lips. He will ensure that the natural expression of your face is not changed. Duck lips and an over-inflated appearance are a “no-go” in our practice.

The process

Especially for customers who have their first lip augmentation, we recommend to enlarge the lips step by step. Thus, in the first consultation, we only inject relatively small amounts of hyaluronic acid, and then, if necessary, the volume can be further adjusted in a subsequent treatment. For a harmonious result, the ratio should be 0.6 to 1 between upper and lower lip.

Treatment results

Treatment with hyaluronic acid does not affect facial expressions, speech, or kissing. As soon as the swelling has subsided, your lips will feel soft and natural.