Unwanted Fat

30-40 min
Topical numbing cream
What to expect after:
Localized swelling and redness for 2-3 days
Time off work:
Permanent, visible after 4-8 weeks

What is injection lipolysis (fat dissolving injection)?

Injection lipolysis is a treatment that causes fat loss in different areas of the body through injections. The active substance was discovered in 1959 and is used in many medical therapies, for example as a liver protection preparation and for the prevention of fat embolism.

For whom is injection lipolysis suitable?

Injection lipolysis serves to melt smaller, more stubborn fat deposits that can not be eliminated by changing diet and exercise. Unlike liposuction surgery, the body does not change quickly, but in a slower process that can last up to half a year. However, injection lipolysis does not reduce weight. For this, a suitable diet is a more appropriate remedy.

How does the treatment work?

The active ingredient is injected directly into the fatty tissue using a very fine needle. The effect can begin already after 10-14 days. The maximum effect is reached between the 4th and 6th week.  The injections cause an artificial inflammation, which will also result in additional skin tightening. To achieve an optimal result, 1 to four treatment sessions are recommended.

Which areas are suitable for the treatment?   

  • Double chin, cheeks and nasolabial fold protrusions
  • Saddle bags, upper thighs and lower buttocks
  • Love handles and gynomastia (male breasts)
  • Hips, upper and lower abdomen, upper arms, back
  • Other indications: Cellulite treatment

What are the risks?

The doctors from the lipolysis NETWORK have committed themselves to a complete and comprehensive explanation of all possibilities as well as possible side effects and contraindications during the first consultation.

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